Childbirth. C-section

Natural birth
Caesarian birth

The option we offer you could be a wonderful gift for your loved one. Our exclusive offer will make the birth of your baby extremely special.


We offer accommodation a pregnant woman (or a new mom to be) and all relatives willing to support her, a facility separate from the rest of the Clinic. This facility has 5 luxury rooms decorated in Provence style.

It is equipped with uninterruptible power supply systems, alternative sources of heating and water supply.

A well – trained qualified medical team an individuel cook and personal coffee bar are always at your service.



You can get information at the reception desk of the clinic: +38 056 370-13-24 or by phone +38 067-563-92-44 Perelygin Igor Veniaminovich

Please call from 8am to 7pm

Or by e-mail:


Childbirth is the greatest miracle in the world. Two cells, a man and a woman’s, receiving a signal from the Almighty, combine to create a new person to this world.

A new countdown begins with the first happy news “You are pregnant!”

It is a time of doubts and expectations. From now on all your thoughts and emotions are about the only one unique moment of meeting your baby

What will this meeting be like? What if? Maybe?

Today you have a great opportunity to spend nine months in a state of pleasant expectation and peace, in an atmosphere of confidence, beauty and understanding.

All the way from conception to birth you will be accompanied by the doctors of the clinic

A new maternity hospital equipped according to all the modern standards, the best obstetricians, neonatologists are willing to provide a safe natural delivery and caesarean section.

“From conception to birth” – this is the most correct, logical and efficient approach according to our doctors.

There are 20 reasons to give birth at the clinic

  1. An experienced team of doctors and nurses working for many years with IVF pregnancies.
  2. Application of evidence-based modern obstetrics practices.
  3. Drawing up an individual plan for delivery.
  4. Comfortable private rooms for housing mother and her baby.  The possibility to provide an accommodation for your relatives.
  5. The possibility to choose your doctor for delivery or caesarean section.
  6. The possibly of keeping your baby under twenty-four-hour observation by a nurse specialized in children and by a neonatologist.
  7. Anesthesia administration (all types of anesthesia – general anesthesia, local, and combined). Using Naropin which is an anesthetic that is non-toxic for your baby.
  8. Using only the most modern and high-cost medicine to prevent bleeding and obstetric complications: Pabal, Oktapleks 500 MO, NovoSeven, Tachocomb (read more about these medicines here).
  9. Rehabilitation of mothers using the latest techniques in intensive rehabilitation. Dropping bottles with amino acids and vitamins.
  10. Our own clinical laboratory for diagnosis – for fast diagnostics of mothers and babies in the early postpartum period.
  11. Support by a specialized psychologist during childbirth.
  12. Instruction in breastfeeding and baby care.
  13. The possibility to have a birth partner.
  14. Nutritional consultation. A personalized diet consisting of 4 meals based on the purified and revitalized water technology “Grander”.
  15. Using hypoallergenic disinfectants, antiviral and antibacterial treatment of air cleaning.
  16. Direct cooperation with umbilical cord blood banks – “Hemafund” and Swiss cord blood bank.
  17. Offering additional services after discharge: rehabilitation and monitoring program for mother and her child.
  18. Assistance in choosing a nanny.
  19. Secure parking and security service.
  20. Modern uninterruptible power supply systems with alternative sources of heating and water supply.
1 Vaginal birth 4500 – 4800 €
2 C – section 5500 – 5800 €
3 Water Birth 5000 – 5300 €
4 Surveying Of Women Before Delivery 1200 – 1500 €

* Final cost for delivery services is calculated individually.

** Required advance deposit  to the Clinic 2000-3000 €

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